Workpackage 4

DP Definition, Data Collection

This work package collects the data on which the project depends. These data include clinical information from
each patient, and population and epidemiological data that are used both for data inference and for data and model
interpretation. All data will be appropriately annotated, organised and represented using the infrastructure developed
in WP2.1.

1. To define the data that are important to underpin the decision support process
2. To specify the inclusion criteria for the study
3. To identify and recruit the cohort of patients on whom the decision support system will be tested.
4. To collect the data and to annotated, organise and represent it using the infrastructure developed in WP2.1. Such
clinically relevant data will include:

* Demographic, laboratory and clinical data from each patient’s Electronic Health Record.
* Acquired imaging, clinical, laboratory and ECG data before and after intervention.
* Epidemiological data from the published literature.
* Environmental data from pervasive monitoring.


Partner Roles:
DHZB will lead the work package, identify (with the support of USFD), the data that will define the digital patient for
this application, and co-ordinate the design of the study.
The Clinical Centres (DHZB, STHFT, Catharina) will recruit the patients and enter the data into the warehouse.
UBRISTOL will collect the environmental data to demonstrate the potential for inclusion of pervasive monitoring data
in a personalised decision support environment.