Workpackage 1

Project Management


1. To ensure that the project is appropriately coordinated and managed according to the implementation plan, corrective
actions being taken where necessary.
2. To establish a project management structure that ensures efficient operational control of administrative and financial
tasks and project conduct in accordance with the Consortium Agreement.
3. To implement procedures, employ tools and marshal resources so as to assure contract fulfilment, with timely delivery
of high-quality results.
4. To carry out routine reporting and administrative tasks, including progress updates to the Commission, financial
distribution to partners and the preparation of project amendments as may be required.


Partner Roles:
USFD will lead the workpackage. It will chair the project management board and be responsible for all communications with the Commission. It will
appoint a project manager to the task of managing this process.
All will take an active role in both the day to day and long term management of the project, and be responsible for their
own budgets and the reporting of effort and expenditure against them.