EurValve Workshop Programme

TimeTitleSub titleSpeaker
Session 1
09:00Opening, Welcome to the workshop from the Department and Cyfronet AGH
09:15Challenges, Opportunities and Examples of Clinical ApplicationWhat is a model, and what can it do?
• Challenges
• Examples of clinical application
• Introduction to EurValve
Rod Hose
09:30Keynote speech - Coronary Fractional Flow Reserve : A Success Story• Introduction to FFR: from idea to clinical gold standard
• Modelling FFR: current status and clinical utility
Pim Tonino
10:00From Medical Image to Diagnostic and Prognostics Information: Inputs, processes and outputs: the computational pipeline in EurValveJuergen Weese
10:15InnovationMachine Learning in a Virtual PopulationHerman ter Horst
10:30InnovationReduced Order Models for Clinical ApplicationMichel Rochette
Session 2
11:05Infrastructure for Personalised Medicine: It’s MEE that Matters!Need for infrastructure, introduction to componentsPiotr Nowakowski
11:20InnovationActivity Monitoring in a Patient CohortGareth Archer
11:35The EurValve Decision Support System: Aortic Valve Disease • Overview, Guidelines, CBR, Decisions
• Demonstration
Cemil Göksu
11:50A Clinical View • The EurValve Cohort, Study Design and Results
• Evaluation of Clinical Potential
Titus Kühne or Marcus Kelm
12:05SANO - A Centre of Excellence on Personalised Medicine Marian Bubak
12:20Final discussion. SummaryRod Hose
12:40End of workshop